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Talking Heads : Next Step into the Royal Arch



Presentation team from the Metropolitan Grand Lodge with WM Sandeep Berry and W.Bro Rohit Patel

 £5000 donation to 2020 Festival

W Bro Sanjay Mehta, WM Sandeep Berry and W Bro John Briggs

Boothferry Lodge visit - 22nd March 2016

boothferry lodgeboothferry lodge FB

Congratulations to WM Sandeep on his installation as Master


Celebration Tea - 13th September 2015

W.Bro Parag Bhargava, out MC for the afternoon

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Our patrons enjoying the afternoon of fun and fellowship

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W.Bro Clarke Tydeman presenting a worth raffle Prize and a delighted Raffle prize winner.


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Bristol Workings Demonstration by St,Stephen Lodge No.3145

WM Ajay Arora being presented a commemorative tankard by W.Bro David Connor of St Stephen Lodge who acted as WM for the Bristol workings initiation demonstration on 17th October 2014 meeting

WM Ajay pbeing presented.jpg

Brethren of Fulcorn Lodge with members of St.Stephen Lodge members. 

 Fulcorn Lodge No.4791 with St Stephen lodge.jpg

Congratulations to WM Ajay on his installation as Master

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Lodge social - 8th December 2013 at Club 182




 Some photos from the White table evening held in October 2012

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FulcornWT 026.jpgFulcornWT 030.jpgFulcornWT 044.jpg                                                 FulcornWT 047.jpg