Famous Masons

Famous Freemasons

 Over three centuries freemasonry has attracted Kings, Presidents, Prime Ministers and many key historic figures.  This is just a sample and not an exhaustive list:


 George VI

Edward VII

Edward VIII

Presidents & Prime Ministers

George Washington

Winston Churchill

 Key historic figures

William Booth (Salvation Army Founder)

Henri Dunant (Red Cross Founder)

Dr Barnado

Martin Luther King



Gilbert & Sullivan

Louis Armstrong

Duke Ellington


 Sir Ernest Shackleton

Captain Robert Scott (Scott of

the Antarctic)

Astronaut Buzz Aldrin


 Rudyard Kipling

Robert Burns

Leo Tolstoy


 Andre Citroen

Henry Ford

Actors and entertainers

 Clark Gable

John Wayne

William Cody ("Buffalo Bill")

Harry Houdini

Peter Sellers


 Clive Lloyd

Arnold Palmer

Jack Dempsey

"Sugar Ray" Robinson


Sir Alexander Fleming

Joseph Lister

Edward Jenner (who developed the smallpox vaccination)

The list could go on and on................................