Fulcorn Banner

The Fulcorn Lodge Banner

At the Dedicating Ceremony on 14th May 1976, the Dedicating Chaplain, W.Bro. Rev. R.J.Ames P.P.A.G.Chap. gave the following address as reported in the Minutes of that meeting:

 'The brethren were reminded of the importance and significance of a banner. Firstly, in olden times warring tribes and peoples were led into battles by their king and, his banner held aloft, indicated to his soldiers that their king was among them. It was a rallying point to which they could make their way and renew their collective strength under his guidance. Just as we turn to God in our troubles today.

Secondly, he referred to the intricate structure and beauty of the banner; which had only been achieved by the skilful interweaving of each individual thread. The threads, taken separately, varied in texture and colour and some were more costly than others but each had a place in the whole. Some threads were plain, some were fancy and some were of precious material. All had a place and under
the skilful hands
of the weaver combined to form the beautiful banner they had before them that day. The plain threads, forming a larger part of the banner, created the background and supportfor thefancy threads which make the picture. These in turn are enhanced in beauty by the precious gold threads.

 These considerations remind us of the formation of this Lodge and indeed of the whole structure of Freemasonry in general. The vast majority of brethren can be likened to the plain threads, which are the background and strength on which the Craft is formed and upon which it relies for its continuance and prosperity. The fancy threads can be likened to the Master, Waniens and Officers of the Lodge, whose work shows forth its beauty, while the precious gold threads remind us of our unbroken relationship with the brethren in Grand Lodge above. ‘

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