Generally speaking, 1926 is probably remembered because it was the year of the General Strike. For the members of Fulcorn Lodge however it has happier associations for it was in that year that our Lodge was founded and consecrated.

In the early 1920's the loss of many Brethren in World War I was being repaired by a large influx of newcomers seeking admission into Lodges. But, because some Lodges were accepting as many as 30 or even 40 initiates in a year, the prospects for advancement for many junior Masons was somewhat remote.

This was the situation in Epworth Lodge No. 3789 where a number of newly admitted Master Masons, keen to progress in the Science, sought advice about the possibility of forming a new Lodge. On behalf of himself and a number of Brethren, Bro. Alex W. Talbot approached W. Bro. F. Leonard Bishop who told him that he thought that the authorities at Freemasons' Hall would be unlikely to sanction the founding of a new Lodge in London, but that providing accommodation could be obtained and there was a nucleus of intending founders residing in or near the province of Middlesex, he thought Grand Lodge might agree to a new Lodge being formed in that Province.

A meeting of some 14 prospective founders was subsequently held on July 9th, 1925at which W. Bro. Rev. J. Alfred Sharp, D.D., P.A.G. Chap. took the chair. W. Bro. Leonard Bishop informed the Brethren that the Prov. Grand Secretary of Middlesex, W. Bro. Dr. Howell Evans had intimated that Freeman's Restaurant, one of the establishments visited by Bro. Talbot in his search for a meeting place, was suitable and he was in complete sympathy with the proposal to form a new Lodge. W. Bro. Bishop also said that the W.M. and Wardens of St. Jarnes' Lodge No. 1579 had agreed to sponsor the new Lodge.

"FULCORN" was the name chosen for the Lodge and the emblem depicts ears of corn near to a fall of water. The warrant of the Lodge was issued on November 4th, 1925. A "family tree" showing the Lodge's position in the hierarchy appears on the opposite page.

It is of interest to recount that at this Founders meeting the Founders Fee was fixed at five guineas which included the cost of a Founder's jewel, the annual subscription was to be three guineas and the Initiation fee twelve guineas.


From 1939 until 1962, the Lodge was forced to meet inLondonon a temporary basis. In 1963 it was fortunate enough to find its permanent home in the excellent accommodation provided at the Harrow District Masonic Centre, where it continues to meet.